Put-the-Cable (Candle) Back

Now listen closley ..

Put. The. Cable. Back”.

Think of the bluetooth speaker that automatically connects to your spouses phone call while they are in the other room talking into their now unresponsive device, or fighting the coffee cloud’s response time reloading your Starbucks card before you get to the head of the line, or finding the right WIFI name and matching password in a crowded building. Unbounded complexities that seem to rival the “Death Star” from Star Wars need new architectural and technology relief. And don’t get me started on the disaster of Zoom meetings being a new normal (teaching or bandwidth use).

The emense Death Star from the Star Wars Movies

Computer Science to the rescue

I’ve been working and teaching about a new model based approach to help identify significant network/distributed computing complexities. Based on a fresh characterization of traditional computer science concepts, such as discovery, binding, routing, protocols and dissemination — a common vocabulary and language is combined with reusable models to provide necessary paths for architects to navigate through historical context and formulate next generation solutions. The abstractions of concurrency, scalability, security, and usability are also bounded. And I have “an app for that” …

Smart Nodes in the Semantic Streams
Tank, download the simulation on flying the Bell helicopter
Trinity fly's the Bell helicopter after JITL downloaded
Badges, we don’t need no stinkin’ badges

Mano the Shark

My agent is named after Mano the polynesian name for the mighty Shark. The shark is fearless at it navigates through the ocean currents. It also knows where it’s going. We need Mano to help us navigate our own complex information currents, what I call KonaCurrents.

“What could KnowledgeShark do?”



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Computer Scientist and futuristic IoT app developer; KnowledgeShark.me is my next gen technology navigator.