My Five (5) Computer Science Genre’s

Lots happening! Authors picture of tech-hub Seattle during a recent concert night

Did you ever see the opening scene in The Player, by Robert Altman 1992? It’s a famous long take much like Hitchcock's “Rope” and others.

A person with paper, pencil, eraser, and subject to strict discipline, is a universal machine. — Alan Turing

Computing is integral to science, not just as a tool for analyzing data but also as a method of thought and discovery. — Peter Denning

Computer science is no more about computers than astronomy is about telescopes — Edsger W. Dijkstra

Dependence on wizardry to mitigate the fundamental limitations of software is called hacking. — Grady Booch

Enter the FIVE (5) Genre

Author presenting his 5 Genre Scenario Types

“One of the things that makes computing so interesting is the utter generality of binary representations. We choose to make the bits mean anything we wish.” — Vint Ceft (2014) forward to Peter Dennings book.

GENRE 1: Mobile (Factory) Apps

Authors image showing dynamic collaboration potential

GENRE 2: Ad-Hoc Soldier Network

Ad-Hoc Smart Nodes (SN) Interacting in a notationaly battlefield

GENRE 3: Sensor Command and Control (C2)

Demo version of Java based Sensor Display framework
Authors image of AWACS, a flying sensor, taking off at Boeing Seattle (one of many C2 projects the author worked on as a research Associate Technical Fellow)

GENRE 4: Smart Energy Grid

Authors concepts for dynamically adapting Smart Nodes (SN)
Authors US Patent 8,315,743 with Boeing for a smarter power flow controller

GENRE 5: Internet of Things (IoT)

FLOWING OBJECTS: Arc de Triomphe — Paris
Authors collection of ESP-32 based IoT devices incorporated into a new family of 3d printed smart animal feeders
Kauai’s Waterman Steve Cole and Authors innovation for self mapping reefs
Potential inventions where IoT devices will shine
Authors course storyline showing ups and downs once reality is shown (the ice berg). The concept was adapted from the Sparkline approach.

EPILOG: My RTC College Analysis on the Denning Computer Science book:

which is not simply its discovery, classification, storage or communication. Algorithms have the ability to read information into their structure and then modify the structure (creating new information).

And key:

but they are “Generative



Computer Scientist and futuristic IoT app developer; is my next gen technology navigator.

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Computer Scientist and futuristic IoT app developer; is my next gen technology navigator.