REMEMBER the scene from Young Frankenstein where Gene Wilder is stuck trying to get behind the hidden bookcase? He states slowly to his lovely assistant: “now listen closely: Put. The. Candle. Back.” Let’s talk about that as it’s so sums up 2020.

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Now listen closley ..

In 2020, and the 21st century, the put-the-cable-back analogy is that now for new technology users, especially with next generation Internet of Things (IoT) devices, or an overloaded WIFI remote learning home: a new found remorse is clambering for the simple days with a wish to say:

Put. The. Cable. Back”.

Think of the bluetooth speaker that automatically connects to your spouses phone call while they are in the other room talking into their now unresponsive device, or fighting the coffee cloud’s response time reloading your Starbucks card before you get to the head of the line, or finding the right WIFI name and matching password in a crowded building. Unbounded complexities that seem to rival the “Death Star” from Star Wars need new architectural and technology relief. And don’t get me started on the disaster of Zoom meetings being a new normal (teaching or bandwidth use). …


Computer Scientist and futuristic app developer ; is my next gen technology navigator.

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